Saturday, June 26, 2010

Present Angad Products

A. The company made its debut with ‘Angad 240D’ tractor in Nov ‘04:

‘Angad’ is a 22 h.p. tractor ,a base model , multi purpose machine suitable for common agricultural operations like cultivation, Rotary Tilling and powering auxiliary equipments e.g. threshers, sprayers, electrical generators , pumps etc.
Distinguishing features of ‘Angad’ 240DTractor:-

‘Angad’ is a low cost tractor designed specifically for small and medium land holdings (1 to 10 ha). The salient features of this tractor are:
 22 Horsepower fuel efficient horizontal diesel engine.
 Costs less than half the price of the commonly used tractors in India.
 Can carry out all farm operations like ploughing, cultivator operation, Rotovation, harrowing, reaper application, threshing etc. as well as off-farm application like transportation.
 It can also be used for special applications like providing power to a water pump or an alternator (for generating electricity).
 Easy to repair and maintain. Simple design; can be serviced by village mechanic.
 30% lower costs of repairs and maintenance.
 At least 25 % less consumption of fuel.
 Compatible modern implements at economical cost are being supplied by the manufacturer adding to its economy.
 Capable of hauling at least 3 tons of load.
 ‘Angad’ is an excellent machine on the road; it gives 10-14 km per litre of diesel with full load.

Other Variants

i. ‘Angad’ Dhan model:

This is a variant of the ‘Angad’ 240D tractor, very capable of wet land farming and puddling for rice cultivation, has adjustable track width, suitable for intercropping. It has advanced features, low turning radius differential locks and single braking. Specially designed for operating in orchards. It is also used widely for carrying out interculture operations.

ii. ‘Angad Orchard’:

Customised for working in orchards, vegetable farms , vineyards and in between rows of crops like banana and under the trees.

B. Angad 350 DI model:

A 35 hp model has been launched recently. This is a full feature tractor with dual PTO Speed, differential locks, single side braking, 12 speed gear box suitable for both dry land and wetland farming. The model has been tested and cleared for Bharat Stage III emission norms. Certificate under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules has also been issued by the authority.

C. Trailers
a. Synchronous Brake, hydraulic trailers with pneumatic (air) brakes (under development)
b. Tipping trailers hydraulic and mechanical both variety.

D. Implements:
i. Rotovators : 22 HP Rotovator
35 HP Rotovator

Rotovators have two types of tine generally, one for stony soil and other for more freshly turned soil. It is ideal for use in preparing seedbed and weeding between crops.

ii. Cultivators: 5 tine, 7 tine and 9 tine cultivators for both 22HP and 35 HP tractors. These are used mainly for weeding between crops.

iii. Mould Board (MB) Plough with single bottom, double bottom and reversible bottoms for deep Ploughing.

E. ‘Angad’ Power Tiller: Regular 12 HP power tiller and a portable terrace Power Tiller

F. Angad Engine: 9-26 kW stationary diesel engines for Genset, Compressors and Water Pump application.

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